Johns British Car Specialists: The only strictly British car garage in San Francisco.



Established by John Arts over 35 years ago, and we have been in six locations across the city over that time. Our newest location is at 3250 Cesar Chavez st. where we opened our doors November, 2010.

There is no other shop in the city with more experience and knowledge of British vehicles, dating back to the 40's and up to end of warranty.

We service and repair many makes of British vehicles including, Jaguar, Lotus, MG, Mini, Austin, Jensen, Rover Sedan, Rolls, Aston, and even more. Our crew has over half a centuries experience on these vehicles, and with only 3 of use here, that says a lot.


But please, don't take our word for it. Just take a look at some of our reviews!


JUN.- Self trained since high school and regarded as one of the best mechanics around by his peers, Jun is a class above the rest. He has been with John for nearly 15 years, and his aptitude for learning all of Jaguar's quirks cannot be beat.

A mechanical genius, and electrical savant, there is no problem too complex, no car too far gone for Jun to breathe a little life back into the dead or dying. He won't let your vehicle get left behind!


DAN.- A true mechanic at heart, and in skill, he has been working on cars since he was 12 years old, restoring Volkswagens with his father in their driveway.

"Unlike most people I knew what I wanted to be since I was 15 years old. I wanted to be up to my arms in engines, with my head under hoods. I guess I was just lucky that way."

Certified as a mechanic at Wyotech, California. As an honor graduate, he was certified in Automotive Electrical Systems, Advanced Engine Diagnostics, Engine Emission systems, and more. Though the youngest, and newest member at John's, you would be hard pressed to find a problem he can't fix.


JOHN.- John started his career at a tender age as well. At 12 years old he bought his first car, a Hupmobile. Soon after that he taught himself to drive. "I didn't let the fact I needed a drivers license keep me from my passion with cars."

John's love affair with cars continues to this day and has only grown over these many years. He spent 25 years racing as a hobby, and won many races and even held track records in his Triumph Spitfire at Laguna Seca. He even had some great successes racing in Formula Ford.

Though he isn't racing cars anymore, you can still find him zipping around on his Kawasaki Ninja, or flying down hills and mountains on his bicycles.


"When cars don't run on gas, smell like a little burning oil, or get you dirty up to your ears every once in a while, what's the point? What's the fun when you don't hear the exhaust, smell the fumes, or have to put out the occasional fire? When the last cars no longer run on fuel, I suppose that is the day I will hate to retire."- John Arts, founder and owner.



" Johns British Car Specialists is not an authorized Jaguar repair facility. We are not related to, or affiliated with, Jaguar Cars Ltd. in any way and we are not an authorized warranty repair dealer. "

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